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Case Studies

Retail Executive/CEO Candidate Strengthens Executive Presence

The leading candidate for CEO at a global retail company was advised by the board of directors to develop stronger skills in presenting vision and strategy at the board level; in order to earn the top job he would need to have stronger executive presence.  The coach worked with him to improve all aspects of presence and influence...

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Executive Coaching

Leadership + Influence = Performance

Bates Executive Coaching is a high-impact program for leaders, transitioning executives and high-potential leaders who want to accelerate their career progression and rapidly advance their capabilities. Our program is practical and focuses in real time on a leader’s critical business challenges. Our unique lens on executive influence helps leaders understand and appreciate the impact of communicative leadership.

Executive Coaching includes a comprehensive assessment of a leader’s executive presence and influence, measured by our proprietary assessment tool, the Bates ExPI (Bates Executive Presence Index). The Bates ExPI gives leaders a snapshot of their strengths and needs, and provides a roadmap towards mastery of the leadership skills proven to build influential leadership.

Executive Coaching Outcomes:

  • Effectively influence decisions to drive business results
  • Command a room with executive presence
  • Motivate and inspire people to drive vision and strategy
  • Communicate to accelerate execution
  • Strengthen relationships with key colleagues and stakeholders
  • Build a leadership brand inside/outside the company

Executive Coaching

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